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OLICO, an acronym which stands for Oxidative Lipid Inhibiting Cooking Oil, is the culmination of almost 20 years of dedicated research into the immense potential of all-natural oilseed processing and plant-based antioxidants.

Working alongside a Japanese research firm specializing in advanced food science, we have succeeded in creating a range of all-natural vegetable oils that demonstrate significantly longer-lasting fryer performance. 

The key to OLICO's performance resides in the unique extraction and natural purification process, resulting in an antioxidant-rich fry oil that helps protect the oil from oxidation and heat-induced degradation.

Through extensive testing carried out at the University of Tokyo, in combination with real-world case studies conducted with food manufacturers and restaurants in Canada, Japan and Australia, OLICO fryer oils last 2 times longer on average. This means more batches of ingredients can be fried per liter of oil - resulting in sustainable financial savings and up to a 50% reduction in waste oil and carbon footprint.

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